Upgrading for the Future

ClampOn basement overhead crane 1

In 2011, ClampOn moved to its current location, an industrial building in Vaagsgaten 10. Now, four years later, the storage area in the basement has been upgraded to a multifunctional area for production, customer FATs, and logistics.

The centrepiece of the basement transformation is a two-ton overhead crane. As ClampOn is a company with in-house manufacturing of heavy equipment such as the Subsea Corrosion-Erosion Monitors (CEM), the crane facilitates production as well as logistics, while meeting strict HSE standards.

“With this upgrade we have gained a more streamlined mechanical production line. By using the overhead crane we can handle larger mechanical components like spool pieces for the Subsea CEM, and other heavy equipment, in a safe and secure manner. I am confident that this will increase efficiency and quality of manufacturing,” says Per Arne Aadland, Head of Production & Engineering.

Two well-equipped FAT rooms have been set up in the new area. This provides easy access to equipment of all sizes and quantities for visiting inspectors.

ClampOn basement overhead crane 2
Furthermore, outgoing logistics has moved downstairs as the new area includes a locked packing and storage section with an adjacent office space.

“We strive to be a little bit better every day and we believe in growth, so we are preparing ourselves to meet future demand,” continues Per Arne.