At ClampOn, sustainability underpins all our activities. We think sustainability shall benefit the society we live in, our customers, our employees, and our shareholders, and give long-term positive results for all these groups.


Since the start, ClampOn has always considered its effect on the environment. Our activities span many areas of the energy sector, including sediment transport in rivers in connection with hydropower plants, measuring cooling water in wind power plants, and condition monitoring of pipelines and structures. We make sure our premises are low-energy buildings to best serve the environment, employees, local communities, and customers.


Sustainability shall be a natural and integral part of the company’s work, whether it be in the board room, the management, day-to-day operations, service, purchasing, production, product development, or when making plans for the future.

Product development shall be at the forefront and find new and sustainable technological solutions that reinforce established business areas, improve sensor and measurement data, and ensure we continue to have the best monitoring systems on the market.

ClampOn shall develop and manufacture its products using sound and environmentally friendly working practices; it shall avoid using toxic substances and materials; and it shall strive for a fair and ethical collaboration with its suppliers and partners.

The company shall aim for a net positive effect on the environment and to be carbon neutral in all its activities.

Our products and services shall help our clients run their businesses knowing that their activities are optimised and can operate in a sustainable manner avoiding emissions to their surroundings.
We will also look for business areas where our products are at the forefront of the green shift technologically and commercially.

Our promise

Everyone at ClampOn, be it management, employees, or owners, shall be leaders in finding the best possible environmentally friendly solutions that benefit everyone and can meet any future requirements.