Topside Non-intrusive sensors to Brazil

We recently landed a significant contract for topside sand monitors, pig detectors and corrosion-erosion monitors. This contract is a result of demonstrated product performance and quality.

The contract is topside products: 26 corrosion-erosion monitors, 60 pig detectors and 10 sand monitors. The delivery is part of a huge project in Brazil. ClampOn is very happy to be able to assist with condition monitoring of pipes and structures, and to help secure safe operation.

ClampOn topside Corrosion-Erosion Monitor

All ClampOn’s products are non-intrusive and are clamped to the outside of the pipe. They are all based on ultrasonic intelligent sensor technology. Signals are processed internally (pig and sand) before being sent to a computer or control system where the user can evaluate the data.

The ClampOn Corrosion-Erosion Monitor (CEM) continually monitors and quantifies changes in wall thickness over a large area of a pipeline. The non-intrusive, non-invasive instrument calculates the rate at which corrosion and/or erosion reduces the thickness of the pipe wall. In this way, it can provide operators with an early warning of potential failures before they occur. The instrument can be retrofitted to existing structures or installed on new pipelines before they are deployed subsea.

ClampOn topside Corrosion-Erosion Monitors installed in the field

The ClampOn Particle Monitor is a non-intrusive, non-invasive instrument that detects and measures sand in the production line. Sand production in oil and gas wells is one of the most challenging factors an operator faces during production.

ClampOn DSP Particle Monitors

The ClampOn PIG Detector detects when a pig passes the point of installation. Providing reliable information about the passage of the pig increases pipeline integrity and produces cost savings.

ClampOn topside PIG Detectors with local light and reset button, Ex ia and Ex de version

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