Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring

Preferred Supplier

ClampOn continues to be the preferred supplier of corrosion monitoring and erosion monitoring (CEM) systems, with orders coming in from all over the world. In particular, we have received several orders to major projects in the Middle East. Our production department is now working on close to 70 topside corrosion erosion monitors. It is clear that customers value robust measuring systems with high precision and a long service life. 

Combine these facts with ClampOn being a rock-solid company with a clear technological edge and a long-term perspective, and you have a winning combination.

ClampOn Topside Corrosion Erosion Monitor

Operating Principle

The ClampOn CEM® Corrosion-Erosion Monitor, is an ultrasonic instrument designed to measure wall thickness loss in pipes over a defined area. It uses active ultrasound to detect the changes in wall thickness relative to the reference values obtained during the installation of the system. Changes to wall thickness is detected by a grid of signal paths, generated by up to thirty-two transducers. Tomography enables us to monitor the actual and minimum wall thickness, and generate a 3D visualization of the monitored section. The coverage area and the accuracy / sensitivity depend on the number of transducers installed / pipe-size. With the right number of transducers up to 100 percent coverage of a given area can be obtained. As little as 0.1% change in wall thickness can be measured in real-time.

ClampOn Topside Corrosion Erosion Monitor with control unit

Lightweight tomography

ClampOn Corrosion and erosion monitoring using lightweight tomography.

There has been a challenge to monitor changes in wall thickness on subsea pipelines. ClampOn uses low power tomography to map the pipe wall and indicate changes in wall thickness.

The tomography software shows the location and depth of any corrosion or erosion

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