Subsea Corrosion-Erosion Monitor

We have several Subsea Corrosion-Erosion Monitors (CEM`s) leaving our premises shortly. This specific set up is for Corrosion Monitoring.

They are ready to do their mission at different locations around the world, giving operators an early warning of wall thickness loss.

Mads Kallestadbakken, Project Engineer, and Hans Rune Torsvik, Instrument Technician, making the final preparations before FAT for the Subsea CEM
Mads Kallestadbakken (Project Engineer) and Hans Rune Torsvik (Instrument Technician), making the final preparations before FAT for the Subsea CEM.

The Subsea Corrosion monitor / Erosion monitor is an effective tool. The instrument is helping the operators comply with regulations regarding the need for condition monitoring of subsea pipes. In short, the instrument continually monitors and quantifies changes in wall thickness over a large area of a pipeline.

In this video, Eirik Walle (Area Sales Manager) shows us one of the CEM’s that are ready for shipment and gives a summary of this specific set up (Corrosion Monitoring)

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Link to a short video with further information about the Subsea Corrosion Monitor / Erosion Monitor here