New Patent for ClampOn Corrosion-Erosion Monitor

ClampOn has been granted patent in USA for a lightweight tomographic processing algorithm for wall thickness mapping using the ClampOn CEM® (Corrosion-Erosion Monitor). Patents are pending in UK and Norway for the same technology.

The ClampOn CEM® transmits guided Lamb waves across an area of pipe wall, monitoring the local mean wall thickness loss between pairs of transmitting and receiving transducers. The CorrPRINTTM software has been available for several years as an option to provide advanced 3D wall thickness mapping of the area monitored by the CEM®.

Illustrating signal paths between two pairs of transducers

The new lightweight tomographic algorithm supplements the CEM® ecosystem with simpler wall thickness mapping. This can be applied interactively to gain additional insight from historical data as well as in real time, typically for CEM® installations that were not dimensioned for fully-fledged CorrPRINTTM tomographic monitoring. The small computational load also makes the new algorithm suitable for implementation in simple and rugged stand-alone systems where computing power must be balanced with reliability and energy consumption.

Mean wall-loss data from partially overlapping signal paths between transmitting and receiving transducers are combined to generate a two-dimensional map.
Figures: Left; four paths, four segments (A-D) Centre; two paths, three segments (E-G) Right; a geometry with 16 paths and 213 segments.
The color scale indicates numbering of the segments

A ClampOn Corrosion-Erosion CEM can monitor changes in wall thickness over a large area of a pipeline. The non-intrusive instrument estimates the rate at which corrosion and/or erosion reduces the thickness of the pipe wall. In this way, it can provide operators with an early warning of potential catastrophic failures before they occur.

Topside CEM’s mounted at bends at a platform
Subsea CEM almost ready to leave our factory
Subsea CEM with protection cover
Subsea CEM mounted and insulated, ready to be submerged
Subsea CEM mounted at subesa pipeline. ready to work

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