Field service

In spite of all the communication solutions available, some work must be done in the field. It is important for ClampOn to know our customers. Every day of the year ClampOn engineers are in the oil and gas fields, working with Sand or Erosion monitoring, PIG detection or Leak detection. This is the best way to ensure that we can meet the high expectations of our customers.

Installation and Commissioning

The ClampOn range of acoustic instruments are designed to be simple. Easy to install, easy to operate and easy to maintain.
These simple but sophisticated instruments are often monitoring critical parameters and therefore need to be operational and accurate. It is important to install, commission and configure it properly. The visit by a ClampOn field engineer during the early phase of an operation and then regular service visits is the best insurance for an operational and accurate system.


It is important that personnel operating and maintaining the system are properly trained. Some training is usually included in our installation, commissioning and start-up service. Sometimes this training does not reach the relevant people; a more in depth training might be required. In such case ClampOn can offer customized training programs at any level.
In many cases it has proven efficient to have a ClampOn engineer work as part of your service team for a longer period. Depending on the size of the operation this can be between 1 and 4 weeks. This longer “training” period allows for more field training. The longer service period will allow the team to start working out plans and procedures for a more systematic sand monitoring strategy.


The start-up of a new field is often a critical phase of the operation. In a startup scenario the demand for data is high, while the available data is often limited and inaccurate.
Accurate sand monitoring depends on processing data with a reasonable degree of accuracy, and also some stability in the conditions. The lack of this is making sand monitoring during start-up more complicated than usual. Add the fact that many issues require the attention of the team involved in the startup, and you have a situation where significant and sometimes dangerous sand production can easily be missed. An experienced ClampOn engineer with full focus on the sand production  can be a cheap insurance. Depending on the installation, this service can be performed on site, at the operator’s premises, or from the ClampOn support center.