ClampOn, Inc., in Houston is keeping busy

ClampOn, Inc., our only branch office, strategically located in Houston, Texas, has now been in operation for 23 years. It was a well planned and important milestone for ClampOn back in 1998 when we crossed the pond to set up this local presence in the very heart of the global oil and gas industry. Since then, ClampOn’s business and presence in the Americas has steadily grown. Our local American team have been fronting us in this important market for many years, and we especially want to mention Joel Garcia, our Senior Service Technician, who will celebrate 22 years with ClampOn this year.

Joel Garcia


Initially, our target market was the Gulf of Mexico and offshore sand detection. In fact, it was in the Gulf of Mexico where we first took the plunge into subsea instrumentation. This is a market and a line of products we have worked on continuously since, placing us well ahead of any competition.

The market in the Americas has changed over the years, and ClampOn has of course followed those changes closely. Today, not only are we focusing on offshore oil & gas, but also strongly involved in the unconventional market, where our instruments are commonly used during flowback operations, well cleanout and sand separation.




In a constantly changing world, with whatever challenges that may follow, we must adapt and accommodate those changes. In 2021, the ClampOn, Inc., team is happy to assist and work with clients, whether it be upstream, midstream, or downstream with refineries, process and petrochemical plants.
Our Ultrasonic Intelligent Sensors are excellent solution providers for so many monitoring challenges, and we are always up for a new challenge!

ClampOn has invested heavily in development over the past 24 months, and a new product line will be presented later this year. This is a development that will benefit today’s customers, but will also take us into new markets.  ClampOn, Inc., is absolutely central to this venture.

Always Numero Uno!


Our sales team in Houston

Chris Mejia, Marquita Joseph, Justin Curry and John Beauregard all have extensive experience at ClampOn and are eager and ready to get out and about again. In the meantime, we are all available via Microsoft Teams, phone or e-mail.