ClampOn doubles its support contract portfolio

We have recently signed support contracts in the Caspian Sea, Pakistan, India and China. These contracts include regular sand production reporting and condition monitoring, and most of them also include remote access to all the data required for efficient sand monitoring.

In the course of the past four years we have continued to develop and improve our support service, whose cornerstone is the single point of contact. Our ability to remotely access ClampOn sensors and data improves the efficiency of our services, as well as of the sand monitoring process itself.

With these four new contracts in place, ClampOn is now monitoring more than 500 wells for sand production from our support centre in Bergen.

ClampOn’s monitoring and support service is evidently a cost-efficient solution for our clients. Involving ClampOn in day-to-day monitoring has also sharpened operator focus on sand monitoring, and has led to a significant reduction in the number of “sand incidents”.

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