An Uplifting Christmas Card

Julekort 2015

Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year from all of us at ClampOn.
We wish you the very best for 2016.

Each year, there is an internal competition to choose the design of the Christmas card. This year’s card displays a ClampOn Santa Claus in a hot air balloon, throwing out unnecessary documentation and procedures to let the balloon rise.

“The catalyst for my idea was the difficult times the oil and gas industry is going through. The industry has become weighed down by the ever increasing burden of documentation and procedures. Now, with the oil price dropping, we are struck by another periodical crisis,” says Aldal.

The ClampOn Santa Claus knows how to solve the crisis. By getting rid of unecessary documentation and procedures the hot air balloon rises, symbolising projects becoming profitable again. “A lot of people are predicting a sunset for the oil industry, in spite of how important oil still is to our society and to us as individuals. Our Christmas card this year is a greeting to everyone, optimists or pessimists, saying that the industry will bounce back, stronger than ever!”

The artist behind the Christmas card is Siv Grethe Bøhn-Pettersen. This year’s card is the tenth she has drawn for ClampOn. “I always look forward to drawing the ClampOn Christmas card. It is a fun job that I am happy to do,” says Bøhn-Pettersen. See her website at