Yggdrasil Contract Award

ClampOn has successfully secured a contract to deliver 44 subsea sand detectors for Aker BP’s Yggdrasil development. This further solidifies ClampOn’s position as a leading player in the energy industry.

Aker BP is the largest independent oil and gas company in Norway. The ClampOn contract with deliveries to the Yggdrasil development has been placed by Aker Solutions, as part of the Subsea Alliance with Aker BP, Aker Solutions and Subsea 7.

“The contract highlights the confidence that industry leaders place in ClampOn’s cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions,” says Eirik Walle, Area Sales Manager in ClampOn

Eirik Walle presents the contract award – link to video

The Acoustic Sand Detectors offered by ClampOn are renowned for their unparalleled accuracy and reliability in detecting and monitoring sand production in oil and gas wells. By equipping Aker BP’s Yggdrasil project with these state-of-the-art detectors, ClampOn will make a significant contribution to the safety and efficiency of offshore operations.

Yggdrasil – with courtesy of Aker BP

Sand Production

Sand production can pose serious challenges in oil and gas production, leading to equipment damage, reduced productivity, and increased maintenance costs. ClampOn’s sand detectors utilize advanced ultrasonic technology to detect sand particles and provide real-time data, allowing operators to take proactive measures to mitigate potential issues. By continuously monitoring sand production the operator will have precise information to optimize production rates and ensure the integrity of their wells, thereby maximizing productivity while minimizing operational risk.

Significance for ClampOn

Securing a substantial contract like the Yggdrasil project is a milestone for ClampOn as a company. It not only ensures job security for local professionals but also creates opportunities for skilled individuals within our organization and among our regional suppliers.

As a high-tech company dedicated to developing and producing instruments for the energy industry, being awarded large contracts allows us to continue our research and development efforts. This, in turn, enables us to utilize our sensors in the energy transition and adapt to the future’s new energy sources.

ClampOn, a privately owned Norwegian company headquartered in Bergen, takes great pride in delivering top-quality, cutting edge products to the global market. With nearly 30 years of experience, we have made close to 20000 sensors and exported approximately 85% of them to installations worldwide.  

Yggdrasil area development

Yggdrasil consists of the Hugin, Fulla and Munin licence groups, and the area is located between Alvheim and Oseberg in the North Sea. The area is home to a number of discoveries and contains over 700 million barrels of oil equivalent. Aker BP is oerator of the area with Equinor and PGNiG Upstream Norway as licence partners. Gross investments in the area are estimated to NOK 115 billion in real-2022 terms (USD 14.2 billion)

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