ClampOn Subsea Flow Temperature Monitor - a non-intrusive sensor that calculates and monitors the temperature of the flow medium from outside the pipe
How to build a ClampOn BIRD. A new and unique wireless acoustic sensor for condition monitoring of pipes, flowlines, valves and other structures.
Subsea Corrosion-Erosion Monitor - Eirik Walle has a short summary of specific set up.
Interview with Kjetil Nysæter where he explains the Subsea Flow Temperature Monitor
Welcome to ClampOn
How it works - ClampOn Corrosion-Erosion Monitor (CEM)
A short demonstration of ClampOn Particle Monitor
ClampOn - Telling who we are and what we do
Complete stand alone kit for monitoring of vibration with valve bucket interface.
Subsea CEM - Corrosion-Erosion Monitor
Subsea inspection job in Caspian sea. Monitor vibration on large valve. Instrument installed in Valve bucket using ClampOn’s magnetic locking solution
Our Subsea CEM (Corrosion-Erosion Monitor) at work
When Solidworks prepared a commercial with ClampOn in the lead
Vibration monitoring on flex loops. Location – North sea. Direct communication topside down line.
Vibration Monitor: Low frequency, low amplitude sensitivity test of MEMS accelerometer on board ClampOn Vibration monitor.
A short video, celebrating 20 years of hard work and fun
Installation of Battery / Data-logger on Visund Nord. Unit is held in place in valve bucket by means of permanent magnets. Interfaced with two permanent vibration monitors for FIV monitoring.
Portable acoustic sand monitoring kit, deployed by ROV offshore Alexandria.
Working principle – Acoustic sand detection / Particle monitoring