Uncomplicated technology, modular design, easy installation and little or no calibration are keywords describing our range of instruments. This range includes sand monitors, PIG detectors, vibration monitors, leak monitors, condition monitors, well collision detectors and corrosion-erosion monitors – all reasonably priced.



Our straightforward approach to design and installation means that our sensor systems can be commissioned by offshore personnel themselves, anywhere in the world, without factory supervision. However, to get the best possible results from your ClampOn equipment we recommend involving ClampOn when the instruments are first brought online. With several thousand instruments sold, ClampOn has become the market leader in sand, PIG and corrosion-erosion monitoring. This approach to the market has been very well received by our customers all over the world.

Our leading-edge technology has made ClampOn capable and competitive in offering the products that customers are looking for. Our reference list is an expression of this. We regard sales to companies as BP, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, Total and Shell as vital proof that we offer instrumentation the market needs. Shell International has selected ClampOn as its principal supplier of sand monitoring systems after extensive testing of all available systems in the market. We are still (after more than 25 years) a growing company, our personnel have extensive experience in the petroleum industry and we offer first-class expertise in this sector. Since we started, we have grown to be the largest supplier of passive ultrasonic systems to the petroleum sector worldwide.

ClampOn Company Profile


Focusing on our core technology has enabled us to sell user-friendly, cost-effective products to customers all over the world. We are represented in all major regions that are vital to the petroleum industry. Even though our headquarters and production line are located in Norway very close to the North Sea, 85% of our sensors are exported to every continent.