30 Years!

In 2024, ClampOn will celebrate its 30th anniversary. Throughout the year, you will see our special logo that honors this milestone. It has been an amazing journey with ClampOn for three decades!

Being able to build a company from the ground up and become internationally leading in its segment is something we, as founders, are very grateful for.

From day one, we set an unwavering requirement for ourselves: to develop and offer the best and most innovative technology to the market. This was our only way to break into the industry and beat the competition. And we can proudly say that it paid off! Being small meant we had to be the best in order to succeed.

This was also the reason why we chose the slogan “Always Numero Uno”!

For 30 years, we have developed the company with a stream of technological solutions. We have expanded our presence in more than 80 countries. Technology is nothing without people, and we invest a lot in our employees. Without everyone who contributes every day, we would not be where we are today.

When you start a company from scratch, there are a lots of things that need to be in place to create a well-functioning and modern business. Our head office is in Bergen, where we develop, test, and manufacture ClampOn’s measurement systems. To become an outstanding manufacturer, employees need proximity to the product, and we have been loyal to this concept from the start.

ClampOn has a global presence; 90% of our solutions are deployed worldwide. Over the years, we have installed over 30,000 sensors subsea and topside so that they can monitor and secure installations in a sustainable way.

Within ultrasound, the company has become the leading player in the energy sector. We meet our customers and users all over the world in all climates, both in the field, in the meeting room, and in the conference hall. We will continue with that.

We promise all our customers, contacts, and partners that we will continue to develop the best in ultrasound technology for the energy industry. We will continue to educate our employees; we will develop the company and its systems; and we will always do more than our competitors to be true to “Always Numero Uno”! We will be cost-effective, precise, and the market’s preferred solution in ultrasound.

Our customers, partners, and suppliers are essential to our work, and we look forward to continuing working with you in the years to come.

Finally, one might ask me if 30 years of service for ClampOn was worth the time. It has been evolving, demanding, frustrating, joyful, humorous, upsetting, and unifying – and sometimes all at once! Yes, it has been worth it – I could do this again. Definitely!

Dag A. Aldal