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To date (Q3 2023), ClampOn has sold more than   20000 sensors worldwide on the basis of the best quality and good service. We have grown to be the largest supplier of passive ultrasonic systems for sand/particle detection to the international oil and gas sector.

All products supplied by ClampOn; sand detector, PIG detector, vibration monitor, well collision detector, corrosion-erosion monitor and leak monitor are based on the same, well proven technology platform. Both the topside and the subsea instruments incorporate Digital Signal Processing (DSP), complete digitalization eliminating analogue filters, circuits and amplifiers.

The intelligent sensor concept, of doing all signal processing within the sensor itself, has been developed since we founded the company. With the introduction of DSP technology, the sensors are fully digitized and more intelligent than ever. This means that one and the same sensor can be used for a number of different applications.

The digital signal processor within the sensor has access to the full ultrasonic spectrum and the type of result is decided by the software module it is running. The functionality of the sensor can be upgraded and/or extended by downloading new software.

There are two basic sensor models; one for topside applications and one for subsea applications. Depending on the application, additional hardware modules like active ultrasonic (for condition monitoring / erosion and corrosion monitoring), accelerometers (for vibration analysis), or temperature meters, etc. can be built in.

From the users point of view however, the sensors are normally used for one specific type of monitoring and we have thus chosen to simplify the product range marketed by separating the sensors by the assigned application.


Nearly all topside products supplied by ClampOn are based on our proven ultrasound technology. The instruments are non-intrusive and non-invasive and can be installed offshore on all types of platforms, on FPSO’s, and at all onshore terminals such as refineries and gas plants. With solutions that include battery power and wireless communication, they can even be installed in areas with poor infrastructure and minimal to no network connection.

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Nearly all subsea products supplied by ClampOn are based on our proven ultrasound technology. The instruments are non-intrusive and non-invasive and can be installed on many subsea structures such as xmas trees, manifolds and pipelines. ClampOn sensors give operators important information to boost production in a safe manner. Signals are processed onboard the instrument and sent to a computer or control system where users can evaluate the information received. Data can even be collected remotely via an acoustic modem.

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ClampOn provides a wide range of software solutions to configure, monitor and analyze sensors and data. An in-house team of software engineers continuously work to make sure our customers and support personnel have intuitive, powerful and robust tools for their job. Most of these are delivered as parts of the systems or services we supply, but some are also available as stand-alone products.

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