2023 – An eventful and hardworking year

The year has flown by. Fairs, conferences, and meetings all over the world – we have probably never been on the road as much as in 2023. It is nice to meet customers face to face again. Good to meet and have a chat, good to meet in both formal and informal settings. Good to meet to hear about challenges and exchange experiences. This makes us all better and gives us new energy to keep moving forward.

Our Support Department has made Sand Management an important part of what we offer our customers. Through our expertise and knowledge in ultrasonic sensor technology we offer critical guidance, data analysis and problem-solving to make sure that our customers can rely on their data and are never in the dark when it comes to Sand Monitoring and Management

With ClampOn Cloud, we have advanced into the future of Sand Management, offering a streamlined and secure dashboard for real-time data access and analysis, accessible from anywhere.

2022 – OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award

In May this year, we received the prestigious OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award for the ClampOn Subsea Flow Temperature Monitor. Receiving this award was a huge achievement for us. ClampOn has always had a strong focus on R&D, and we continue to develop technology and products that solve the challenges our clients face.

The ClampOn team, consisting of more than 110 employees, is the most important resource we have. They strive every day to do the best for our company. As our company grows, we need all our employees to be aligned with the same values. That is why we continue to focus on these:

  • Reliable
  • Courageous
  • Enthusiastic
  • Creative
  • Focused
  • Committed

Even though the use of online meetings and webinars became a normal part of our daily life, we started to travel again as soon as we could, and we attended several exhibitions and conferences from mid 2022. We could finally meet people again with little or no restrictions, and what a great feeling that was.

2021 – Development and learning

We started the year believing we would return to some sort of normality. Webinars and Teams meetings continued while we planned for a physical presence at exhibitions and conferences worldwide. For a brief period, we did get to participate at a few live events, and it was great to get out and meet people face-to-face again. However, before long, countries were once again closing down, and working from home returned as the norm.

ClampOn used this year well and we continued our focus on R&D. This resulted in several new and exciting products ready for release. We continued to recruit, and by the end of 2021 had more than 100 employees in Bergen. Service, Project, R&D and Sales departments were all reinforced and are ready to take on what may come.

We also spent the year educating ourselves on the EU’s Green Deal, and made changes to our business strategy to better meet the demands of the future. We take our responsibility for being in the industry we are in seriously, and do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint

2020 – A different year

In January and February, we participated at exhibitions and conferences as normal. Then the world changed! Within a week, everything looked entirely different due to COVID-19 and falling oil prices.

We adapted quickly and successfully to the new situation. We learned to interact more on digital platforms, and hosted webinars and Teams meetings. We changed the way we work.

ClampOn is, and has always been, a company where people are most important. All our employees do their very best every day for the company. During 2020, we have again seen that we are able to adapt and maintain a good working environment, even when working from home and meeting via Teams.

In 2020, we increased the pace of technological development. Partly as a result of this, the ClampOn Flow Temperature Monitor was released at the end of 2020. This is a new non-intrusive product that monitors the temperature of the flow medium from outside the pipe.

Our values are paramount when making decisions for the company and are at the heart of everything we do. They are our guide, and with every action we take we should always ask ourselves if we can say yes to these values.

  • Reliable
  • Courageous
  • Enthusiastic
  • Creative
  • Focused
  • Committed

2019 – 25 years since start-up

ClampOn celebrated its 25 year anniversary in 2019! One of the many special events marking this milestone took place in September, when ClampOn invited agents, business associates, partners, and friends to celebrate onboard the sailing ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl, on the rainiest day of 2019 in Bergen! Despite the weather, this was a fantastic event, with an evening of food, speeches, dance and great music. Since the company started up in 1994, we have stayed true to our philosophy and values that were laid down more than 25 years ago. With a record number of orders and deliveries, the end of 2019 kept us extremely busy. This was only possible due to the intense work carried out during the previous few years’ lower activity levels, where we took the opportunity to improve all internal processes and production lines. This made it possible for us to reach a new level of sensors production with the same high production standard.

The Subsea CEM (Corrosion-Erosion Monitor) confirmed its position in the market, and has now been delivered to more than 20 installations.

2018 – Alive & Kicking

Summing up 2018 – ClampOn is definitely alive and kicking. During 2018 we received orders for more than 600 sensors, both for topside and subsea installations.
We saw an upturn in the market and the order books filling up again. Work procedures and processes were improved, and we are now better equipped than ever to face the increasing demands of the market.
Towards the end of 2018 we had the pleasure of having Norway’s Minister of Finance, Siv Jensen, visit ClampOn. The visit gave us an opportunity to point out some of the things we experience as political limitations to a company like ours, and we had a fruitful conversation.

2017 – ClampOn Inc., 20 years

In 2017, ClampOn celebrated 20 years in the oil capital, Houston, USA. ClampOn’s headquarters in Bergen, Norway, were established in 1994, so it was a young and ambitious company that set up its office in Houston in 1997, where a one-man office in Innovation Norway’s premises there became the springboard to the Gulf of Mexico and the rest of the Americas. In June ClampOn had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Terje Søviknes, Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy to our premises. The Minister wanted to see first-hand how a world leading manufacturing company, that supplies instruments worldwide, is making efforts to get through the current rough times in the oil & gas supply industry. In May and September the ClampOn Corrosion Under Insulation Detector where on display at OTC 2017 Houston and OE 2017 in Aberdeen. Statoil signed five-year framework agreement with ClampOn. The new agreement follows back-to-back from the previous agreement. The contract covers the supply of ClampOn equipment, including advanced acoustic sand monitors and corrosion-erosion monitors, and related service and support functions.

2016 – ClampOn – Globetrotter of the Year

In February, ClampOn won the “Globetrotter of the Year” category of Rystad Energy’s prestigious award, Gullkronen, which is a recognition of outstanding achievements by companies in the Norwegian oil and gas industry.
The challenging times in the oil and gas industry affected most businesses and ClampOn was no exception. Two new products were announced; the ClampOn DSP Crack Monitor and the ClampOn ClampOn Corrosion Under Insulation Detector. These had been requested by clients and scheduled for release to market in 2017.
In October ClampOn released ClampOn CAN Monitor software on the LabVIEW Tools Network. The is a Windows application that offers flexible test, configuration and monitoring capabilities to users of CAN interfaces from National Instruments.

2015 – Rigging for new opportunities

2015 saw the completion of the new in-house flow rig, which gives us many new opportunities for training, testing, and research and development.
Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, and Mayor of Bergen, Trude Drevland, visited ClampOn in August. The Prime Minister recognized that production of technologically advanced instruments is a craft, and that it is important to keep local industry alive.
ClampOn won many major contracts in 2015, including for Statoil’s gigantic Johan Sverdrup field development project.
In September, we held ClampOn’s biggest ever agent seminar, attended by a total of 28 representatives from 18 of ClampOn’s 30 agents worldwide.

2014 – ClampOn celebrated its 20th anniversary

Throughout 2014, ClampOn celebrated its 20th anniversary with both internal and external events. Other milestones in 2014 included delivery of sensor number 15 000, approval of the 32-channel Corrosion-Erosion Monitor for class 1 division 2 hazardous areas, and work began on a study into bend tomography together with Shell.
We held Technology Days in Milan, Aberdeen and Stavanger, which proved very popular and received lots of positive feedback.

2013 – ClampOn received the Wild Sheep 2013 Award

ClampOn’s new website was launched in April 2013. In May ClampOn was awarded a contract from Saipem for the supply of ClampOn Subsea Corrosion-Erosion Monitors, to Burullus. This is one of the largest contracts received by ClampOn to date. The first delivery took place in December 2013. In November ClampOn received the Hordaland International Award known as the Wild Sheep 2013 (“Villsauen 2013”). The award is part of a business recognition program run by Hordaland County and Bergen Chamber of Commerce.

2012 – ClampOn received the OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award 2012

In May 2012 ClampOn received the prestigious OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award for the Subsea Corrosion-Erosion Monitor (CEM).
Receiving the award was recognition of many years hard work developing and honing this technology. The first Subsea CEM was deployed in February 2012 in the Gulf of Mexico, 2 600 metres below sea level.
In 2012 ClampOn had its market breakthrough for the Subsea Corrosion-Erosion Monitor and signed contracts for delivery of the instrument to major oil and gas operators in the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and Asia.

2011 – ClampOn inaugurates the new headquarters in Bergen

In January 2011, ClampOn moved to its new headquarters, and the inauguration was celebrated on 21st May. The industrial building in Vaagsgaten 10 was built in 1965. ClampOn has maintained and improved the building’s architectural qualities, and at the same time gained modern, contemporary premises that will satisfy future needs. We have created a workplace that not only addresses the needs of the employees, technology and production, but is also kind to the environment and reduces energy requirements. Nine geothermic wells have been drilled which together with the many other energy saving measures have created a truly “green” building.
Following successful subsea trials, 2011 saw the conclusion of the development of ClampOn’s subsea Corrosion-Erosion Monitor (Subsea CEM) in cooperation with BP and Innovation Norway. The product, whose development started in autumn 2009, is therefore ready for the commercial market. This has been the company’s largest development project and builds on work started way back in 2002 with our Topside Corrosion-Erosion Monitor.
In December ClampOn with Geir Instanes was awarded the Hordaland County Innovation Prize for 2011. The prize was awarded for the company’s development of a subsea corrosion-erosion monitor for installations in the oil and gas industry.

2010 – ClampOn celebrated 15 years in field operation

The original sensors installed as of 2010 have now been in continuous operation for over fifteen years. This celebration of 15 successful years was branded with our new slogan “Always Numero Uno”.
We introduced the DSP Well Collision Detector which is designed to prevent collisions involving sidetrack drilling within the proximity of existing wells.
During 2010 ClampOn’s new premises had undergone a complete rehabilitation, inauguration January 2011.

2009 – New Corrosion-Erosion Monitor Software Released

March 2009, ClampOn received a new Permit for Operation on GOST (GOSSTANDART of RUSSIA CERTIFICATE) certification. In October, two major software upgrades for the Corrosion-Erosion Monitor system (CEM) were released (CEM Server 2.0 and CEM Client 1.0).

2008 – ClampOn DSP Vibration monitor 3D introduced

At DOT 2008 in Perth, the ClampOn DSP Vibration Monitor 3D was introduced. The monitor is an ideal instrument to monitor three directional vibrations on structures and pipelines with either high frequency shear waves or low frequencies. The ClampOn DSP vibration Monitor 3D can also function in parallel as a regular sand detector Monitor in REAL TIME.

2007 – SandQ introduced

OE 2007 – Introduced our new sand monitor with an integrated flow meter. We also delivered Subsea Leak Monitors to Tampen Link.

2006 – Sand Management becomes an integrated part of ClampOn

Our customers now have a unique possibility to take advantage of our expertise in acoustic monitoring.

2005 – Sand Client 2.0 is released & Important contract award received with Woodside

Sand Client 2.0 makes it possible for multiple users to not only view, but also have full remote control of their monitoring systems from wherever they are. ClampOn uses the solution to provide remote services to several customers. OPC support is also added to the product line. Contract with Woodside to supply over 100 sand monitoring sensors.

2004 – ClampOn celebrates 10 year anniversary

So far we have approximately 5000 sensors installed world-wide. In 2004 we introduced the Corrosion-Erosion Monitor (CEM) and released a major software upgrade in the form of Sand Monitor 3.0.

2003 – Entrepreneur of the Year Award

The founders of ClampOn receive the “Entrepreneur of the Year Award”.

2002 – ISO Certified, Change of ownership & Leak Monitor introduced

In May ClampOn was ISO Certified by Det Norske Veritas. During the summer of 2002 all the shares in ClampOn were sold to the management and other employees. Late in the year a new product was introduced to the market; the Leak Detector.

2001 – Compact subsea model & new software solutions introduced

The number of subsea sensors sold increased dramatically during 2001. We also developed a compact version of the subsea sensor. The first one was successfully installed at Statoil SSP in August 2001. Client-software for remote monitoring was released and the sensor interface options were expanded to include modbus, profibus and CANbus.

2000 – Change of ownership & DSP sensors released

January 2000 started with a change of ownership in ClampOn; DNO (Det Norske Oljeselskap) and Storebrand, purchased HURD’s part of the company. Other large shareholders were Capital Group and employees of ClampOn. During the summer of 2000 the first sensors with DSP technology were installed.

1999 – DSP sensors in development

In 1999 a number of new contracts were made, on both topside and subsea instruments. We also finalized the development of the DSP sensors which were released in 2000.

1998 – Subsea sensors introduced & selected as main supplier by Shell UK

ClampOn, in January 1998, was selected by Shell UK as its main supplier of sand monitoring systems after extensive testing of all available systems on the market both offshore and at AEA´s test laboratory outside London. By the end of 1998 ClampOn had delivered approximately 100 sensors to the Shell Brent Field.
1998 was also the year we made the first important sales of subsea sensors to the US market. The subsea sensors were developed in close collaboration with Shell Deepwater Development Inc. and FMC/KOS. The sensors had safety and performance features such as redundant electronics, two-way communication, self-calibration and testing.

1997 – ClampOn, Inc. founded & compact sensors introduced

In 1997, ClampOn introduced its compact version of the sensors. This meant another breakthrough for the company. ClampOn, Inc. was established in Houston. At first we borrowed a desk and a phone in the Norwegian Trade Council´s premises. After six months operation, we moved to premises of our own.

1996 – Breakthrough

Our real breakthrough came in 1996 when ClampOn won an important contract with Texaco. At the same time HURD, a Fred Olsen Company, invested in the company.

1995 – First system installed

ClampOn´s first system was tested on BP´s Gyda in August 1995. The ClampOn 2000/2100 Particle/PIG Monitor – based on the Ultrasonic Intelligent Sensor – was introduced. The new instrument represented a major leap in technology, turning ClampOn into the leader in both technology and the market, a position that we still hold. Since then ClampOn has continued to set the pace.