20 years of operation in Houston

This year, ClampOn celebrates 20 years in the oil capital, Houston, USA. ClampOn’s headquarters in Bergen, Norway, were established in 1994, so it was a young and ambitious company that set up its office in Houston in 1997, where a one-man office in Innovation Norway’s premises there became the springboard to the Gulf of Mexico and the rest of the Americas.

Clinc team for web

The ClampOn, Inc. team 2017

All great journeys start with a single step, and this was certainly the case for ClampOn on both sides of the Atlantic. The Houston office was heavily involved in the development of our first subsea particle monitor, jointly financed by Shell Deepwater Development Inc. and FMC Houston. This came as a direct result of ClampOn supplying 120 particle monitors to the Shell Brent (UK) field in1997.

Initially, the Houston office was led by Marianne Kjærgård, but in 1999 the baton passed to Hans A. Wagner, who was ClampOn, Inc.’s President until 2015, when Trond Olsen took over the helm.
From the office in Houston, the company has grown to cover the entire Western Hemisphere; wherever oil is produced, ClampOn has a market. We always strive to give our customers that little bit extra so they can increase their returns, and we win the next contract.

The first well collision job was performed from Houston together with Shell in the Gulf of Mexico. This gave us yet another product in our ever expanding portfolio. In 2010, the Houston office, in cooperation with BP, played a key role in developing the Subsea Corrosion-Erosion Monitor.

Great products deserve great people
Applying ultrasonic technology in the oil and gas sector requires expertise, where those working with the products need a sound knowledgebase. An enormous effort is made on both sides of the Atlantic to ensure ClampOn is “Always Numero Uno” so that we may fulfil our clients’ needs and win contracts. This has also made ClampOn, Inc. the leader in the Western Hemisphere. A continual exchange of information between Bergen and Houston through training sessions and day-to-day contact has made this possible.

All this work was crowned in 2012 when ClampOn won the OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award for its Subsea Corrosion-Erosion Monitor.
In making ClampOn what it is today our staff have been vital, as the best technology and ideas need the best employees; this is certainly reflected at ClampOn, Inc.!