How it works

The basic theory is that a leak creates a very high-frequency noise that can be monitored by an ultrasonic sensor. In a «non-leak» situation the ultrasonic pattern will be stable, but when a leak occurs the signature will change drastically. ClampOn’s DSP technology distinguishes and eliminates background noise unrelated to leakages so that the hiss from the leaks can warn the operator.  The system also includes a program or data-base that helps to monitor and indicate the volume of the leak.

The ClampOn DSP Leak Monitor is the result of a joint venture project involving several participants in the petroleum industry.

The ClampOn DSP Leak Monitor is designed to be installed at critical points such as valves, flanges, joints, etc., and can monitor very small leakages. A pressure differential of as little as 1 bar can be monitored in gases, and 3 bar in liquids.