Subsea Vibration Monitor

ClampOn Non-intrusive sensors for Subsea Vibration Monitoring.

Vibrations always start at very high frequencies and change to lower frequencies as the conditions develop. The ClampOn DSP Vibration Monitor is an ideal instrument to monitor three directional vibrations on structures and pipelines with either high frequency shear waves or low frequencies. The Vibration Monitor is designed with a broadband frequency from 0 Hz to 1000 Hz in terms of 3D vibration, at the same time as ultrasound noise can be monitored up to several hundred kHz. Solutions are available for early detection of vibrations in objects such as:

• Flow lines, jumpers
• Pumps, rotary machinery
• Subsea structures

How it works

The ClampOn Subsea 3D Vibration Monitor is a non-intrusive vibration and noise monitoring system. The system allows monitoring of vibration and acoustic noise signatures across an unusually wide range of frequencies, spanning from 0Hz to several hundred kHz, depending on the application. Typical applications include condition monitoring, verification of operating conditions (e.g. for flapper valves), and evaluation of the structural health of pipes and supporting structures.

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Multiple configurations are available, such as:

  • Standalone solution with battery and internal data logging
  • Fully integrated solution with connection to control system via CANbus or Modbus.
  • Inspection solution with direct cable connection to topside PC

The vibration monitor can be affixed to almost any part of a subsea production plant, including;

  • Flow lines, jumpers
  • Valves
  • Subsea structures
  • Pumps, rotary machinery

The instrument provides logging and/or streaming of raw vibration data at configurable sampling frequencies up to 2000 samples/second, as well as internal spectrum analysis and other digital signal processing.

Inspection job subsea Caspian sea to monitor vibration on large valve.
Instrument installed in Valve bucket using ClampOn’s magnetic locking solution

Subsea Vibration Standalone battery operated solution


Vibration monitoring can be combined with other standard ClampOn sensor products, such as sand monitoring, PIG detection or ultrasonic spectrum analysis.

Typical output formats include:

  • 3-axis vibration spectrum (acceleration, velocity or displacement)
  • 3-axis raw acceleration data, up to 2000 samples/second
  • Peak acceleration and RMS velocity


Subsea Vibration Monitor

Manner of operation

Real-time measurement

Measurement principle

3-axis MEMS accelerometer

Design depth

3048 m (10.000 ft)

Frequency range

0 Hz to 1000 Hz

ADC resolution

12 bits (1.25 mg /LSB / 3.75 mg /LSB


Digital oversampling

Sampling frequency

Configurable, up to 2000 Hz

Noise density


Acceleration range

±2.5 g or ±7.5 g (Measurement)

Max sensitivity drift

0.01 %/°C

Internal Data storage

64 GB (maximum)

TRL Level


Data format

Continuous raw data from all axes in 16-bit wav format.
Averaged FFT spectra with up to 800 lines of resolution and configurable upper and lower frequency limits

All specifications are subject to change without notice