Vibration Measurement for Major Operator

The operator had to close down production from a subsea well due to suspected vibration and needed urgent assistance to measure and confirm actual vibration level.

ClampOn was contacted and mobilised within two days from first contact. During this short time we were able to test, prepare and ship a complete vibration measuring system, with two vibration monitors, a specially adapted retrofit clamp, a 500 metre reel of cable, an ROV basket and a PC with ClampOn vibration monitoring software. Two experienced ClampOn Service Engineers were mobilized and met the support vessel at the docks, where all the equipment was loaded.

Once offshore, the ClampOn vibration monitors were deployed and installed by ROV and connected to the ClampOn PC with software topside on-board the vessel. Data was gathered and sent in real time to ClampOn’s file server, from which the operator’s own vibration experts downloaded the data for further processing and analysing.
The vibration test was completed and the operator received confirmation that vibration on the subsea module was outside acceptable levels.

Vibration subsea rental ClampOn

ClampOn’s Service Department has the equipment, people and expertise to measure vibration, sand production and leakages and is ready to mobilise for topside and subsea jobs at short notice.
For vibration jobs, this typically means determining whether or not vibrations are within acceptable levels.

Other typical subsea vibration jobs performed include:

  • Vibration on large subsea flapper valves
  • Vibration on subsea flowlines
  • Vibration from chemical injections