Subsea Flow Temperature Monitor

The ClampOn Subsea Flow Temperature Monitor is a non-intrusive sensor that calculates and monitors the temperature of the flow medium from outside the pipe.

The ClampOn Subsea Flow Temperature Monitor can be used as a standalone temperature sensor. The instrument can be retrofitted to existing installations, for example to replace broken intrusive sensors. It can also be integrated into ClampOn’s range of Compact Subsea sensors to provide temperature measurement alongside sand monitoring, pig detection, vibration monitoring or leak detection.

Working principle 

The sensor calculates flow temperature by measuring the pipe skin temperature underneath insulation and using algorithms to compensate for ambient temperature and the insulation coefficient. On projects where the pipeline is not insulated, a section of the pipe approximately 60 cm upstream and downstream of the sensor must be insulated to provide stable conditions around the sensors. The instrument communicates over RS485 Modbus, Canbus, SIIL2.

The ClampOn subsea flow temperature sensor utilizes our well-established DSP subsea hardware platform. This platform has been in operation for more than 20 years and is built into more than 4000 subsea sand monitors, pig detectors, leak monitors and vibration monitors and installed world wide.

ClampOn Flow Temperature Monitor under insulation


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  • Non-intrusive
  • Retrofittable
  • Very long lifetime
  • ROV retrievable
  • Early detection
  • Safe operation – no impact on production
  • Can be used as add-on to sand / pig / vibration / CEM sensors


The instrument communicates over RS485 Modbus, Canbus, SIIL2.


The ClampOn Subsea Flow Temperature Monitor is easy to install and operate. It’s non-intrusive design and clever clamp-on fixtures makes it an effortless job to install, both at yard and in the field for retrofit systems. Permanent subsea installation is normally done by the subsea EPC contractor, but retrofit or non-permanent solutions are available for ROV or diver installation. Once a ClampOn system is installed, it requires very little maintenance. It’s all about taking value from the data and information it provides.


Subsea Flow Temperature Monitor

Method of installation

Non-intrusive, clamped to pipe surface

Temperature range

-40 °C to +150 °C (-40 °F to +302 °F)

Calibration accuracy

± 0.5 °C


± 0.1 °C


5.1 kg air (11.2 lb) / 4.7 kg water (10.4 lb)

Interface options

RS485: Modbus, SIIS Lv 2, CanOpen

Housing material


Max water depth

3048 meters (10 000ft)

House/jumper interface

Siemens or ODI / jumper or bulkhead

Power Supply

12-28VDC, 1.2W

Sensor is qualified to API17F 4th edition and is ISO 13628-6 and rated TRL 7