Valves of Norway acquired by ClampOn’s founders

Valves of Norway has been developing and manufacturing topside valves for the oil and gas industry for more than 20 years. More recently it has developed valves for the subsea market, and the gas sampling and processing market. Its high quality products and rapid turnaround have given the company a solid footprint, a strong market position and a long reference list in the oil and gas sector. Product development, production and sales take place from the company’s modern facilities at the Coast Center Base close to Bergen in Western Norway.


Geir Instanes and Dag A. Aldal

The new owners are committed to developing Valves of Norway into a company with an even stronger focus on technology, the market and, most importantly, to deliver outstanding quality. A long-term perspective and a focus on technology are key aspects essential to the further development of the business. The new owners will utilize their existing international network to further strengthen Valves of Norway’s position in the international market. “There are some obvious differences between being a valve manufacturer and an instrumentation company like ClampOn,” says Dag A. Aldal. “But there are also some very clear similarities; we are both in the oil segment, we are both manufacturers, we both focus on quality and on being innovative, and the approach we use in sales and marketing is also quite similar. Valves of Norway will take care of the differences and together we will exploit the similarities,” he adds.

The management and employees of Valves of Norway are excited about the new owner’s commitment and gaining access to the experience and expertise in ClampOn to further develop the company and its products.

The acquisition, which was completed on October 13th 2015, includes the holding company, Norvalve AS, and Norwegian Valve Property AS. Valves of Norway looks forward to harnessing new impulses and strategies to drive the business forward in their continuous improvement, and will continue as an independent company.

For more information about Valves of Norway and its product lines,
please contact Paul Charles Redfern, CEO, Valves of Norway:
Phone: +47 9110 0443

Norvalves has now been acquired by Ham-Let, a public company registered on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

The acquisition was completed on September 27th 2016. Norvalves will continue as an independent company focusing on being a high quality manufacturer and supplier of valves for the oil & gas industry.