Subsea Sensors ready for shipment

This year has been busy for ClampOn, our team of engineers have their hands full getting everything ready for shipment in the coming months.

In October, our production and project department have 30 projects due for delivery.

Sander Kokkin, Project Engineer, has been working on several of these projects due for delivery soon and says how rewarding it is to have direct contact with the client-side project teams. When performing FATs (Factory Acceptance Tests), having clients come from around the world we learn about different cultures and get to meet and exhchange knowledge.

Sander Kokkin, Project Engineer, ClampOn

At the moment, there are many ClampOn Subsea Particle Monitors being prepared for shipment in particular.
The Subsea Particle Monitor is a non-intrusive sensor that detects and monitors sand in the production line. Sand production in Oil & Gas wells is one of the most challenging factors an operator faces during production. Going subsea, safety issues in conjunction with the need to produce as much as possible per well, makes the selection of a subsea monitoring system even more important.

Acoustic Particle Monitors will now be shipped to Total, to Aker Solutions and 2 orders to different projects for Equinor.

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