Statoil signs five-year framework agreement with ClampOn

Starting 1st April, the companies entered into a framework agreement with five (5) years validity, with an option to extend. The new agreement follows back-to-back from the previous agreement. The contract covers the supply of ClampOn equipment, including advanced acoustic sand monitors and corrosion-erosion monitors, and related service and support functions.

Signing a new contract with Statoil for another five years is valuable for ClampOn; it enables Statoil to more easily order products and services, and thus secures work for ClampOn in the coming years. With the difficult times and challenges our industry has faced the last few years, this framework agreement is very welcome as it allows us to bid for and supply products and services to all of Statoil’s installations.
ClampOn, as a Norwegian owned and operated company, takes great pride in offering products and services of the highest level, with product development, software development and hardware manufacturing all done from its headquarters in Bergen, Norway.

Photo_ Kjetil Eide - Statoil - Drilling at Johan Sverdrup field - 1221376 1

Drilling at Johan Sverdrup field (Photo: Kjetil Eide – Statoil)