Reducing pipe integrity risks

A greater focus on integrity of subsea structures and pipelines requires monitoring systems that give operators as much information as possible. While permanently installed monitoring equipment covers certain requirements, ClampOn’s movable system offers greater flexibility and allows monitoring of key locations repeatedly for extra data.

Over the past 15 years, ClampOn has supplied thousands of subsea instruments in funnels on subsea structures. ClampOn’s Wall Thickness Monitor can use these same funnels, making each existing installation a possible inspection point. Alternatively, a dedicated funnel can of course be installed just for the WTM.

WTM in ROV clamp

ClampOn WTM in retrofit funnel

To perform an inspection, the installed sensor is removed from the funnel and the WTM is inserted for a couple of minutes to perform its measurements. The original sensor is put back in place immediately afterwards.

ClampOn’s Subsea WTM is a flexible tool designed for temporary installation and inspection at multiple locations. The instrument measures pipe wall thickness using the travel time of ultrasonic pulses. It is fitted with a piezo-electric element to provide accurate wall thickness measurements in multi echo mode. The WTM is non-intrusive and can take measurements on coated pipes.

When installed, no parts are exposed to the flow pressure or are in contact with the flow medium. Data is stored in flash memory for fast and simple download and data analysis once retrieved, or be available as real-time measurement through an optional subsea cable-to-surface capability.

With its all-in-one design, the WTM is easily deployed and installed in a variety of ClampOn funnels, whether these be for other existing ClampOn instruments, or dedicated fixtures for the WTM only. If there are no pre-installed funnels, ClampOn can provide ROV-installable solutions. Before the instrument is deployed, a quick calibration is done topside with an included kit. The actual wall-thickness measurement is done in just a few minutes, after which the instrument is retracted and moved to the next measurement location, or back to the surface for data download.

The Subsea Wall Thickness Monitor is another high-quality, flexible instrument from ClampOn.


ClampOn’s Subsea Wall Thickness Monitor (WTM)