PIG Detectors for Brazil

We have 65 topside PIG Detectors ready for a project in Brazil.

The final destination of all these PIG detectors will be on an FPSO. The FPSO will be the fourth to be deployed in a pre-salt field in the Santos basin, with operations scheduled to begin in 2025.

Camilla Yvonne Øvstetun, Project Engineer with PIG Detectors

Camilla Yvonne Øvstetun, Project Engineer, has been executing the project for the PIG detectors and is happy to show off these beauties after 2 whole days of a Factory Acceptance Test.

The PIG detectors are our Ex d version with an external control station. The sensors are set up for both acoustic and magnetic pig detection.

ClampOn control station

ClampOn DSP PIG Detector

The ClampOn DSP PIG Detector is non-intrusive, non-invasive, and is a more compact and user-friendly unit than other instruments on the market. It is easier to install in the field and easier to move to other locations if required.

ClampOn DSP PIG Detectors

The ClampOn DSP PIG Detector senses a passing pig using passive acoustic (ultrasonic) technology. The instrument has internal Digital Signal Processing (DSP). As a pig passes the detector’s location, the instrument detects and analyses changes in the signal level at multiple frequencies. Depending on the version of the instrument deployed, a pig can be indicated either via an indicator lamp on the instrument or control station, or via a signal output to a control system indicator panel. This signal output can be a “pig passed” signal (i.e. relay contact) or a RAW-signal output for further processing, and can be sent over RS 485 or 4-20 mA interfaces. By using either a dedicated computer running ClampOn software or sending the output to the MCS, the user can see a graphical representation of the signal received from the PIG Detector.

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