PIG Detection

A pig (pipeline inspection gauge) is used to clean and inspect pipelines in the oil industry. It is important to verify the pig’s entrance into the pipeline, it’s passage past certain points, and when it is getting closer to the pig receiver so that receiving valves can be prepared.

ClampOn has manufactured non-intrusive pig detectors for more than 25 years.

The latest ClampOn DSP Acoustic Pig detector has been designed to be “plug and play”. No specialists are required in the field for Installation, commissioning or configuration.

By taking advantage of the Intelligent Sensor technology, the sensor itself can record all data needed in case fine tuning of settings is required for perfect detection. The data can be analysed remotely and adjustments can be made without the need for an expert in the field.

The ClampOn DSP PIG detector is non-intrusive, and simply clamped onto the pipe surface. The sensor detects when a pig passes the point where the sensor is installed. It can easily be installed on pipes of any dimension using the flexible mounting kit. The sensor can also store the data collected when the pig is passing.



The technology is based on passive acoustics, using ultrasound to listen to the noise made by the pig as it passes the point where the instrument is installed. It can detect any type of pig, scraper and sphere, and does not require magnet inserts in the pig in order to operate. With Digital Signal Processing inside, the sensor is completely digitalized enabling it to operate in multiple frequency ranges simultaneously if needed. Using DSP eliminates the need for analogue filters and improves detection as it is capable of filtering out unwanted noise from flow or mechanical impacts and valve operations. All monitoring is real-time and the sensor can detect passing pigs in oil, gas and multiphase flows.

Installation is straight forward, fast and simple. The sensor is clamped onto a straight section of pipe a defined distance from pig launcher/receiver valves and actuators. For retrofit installation there is no need to shut down production or otherwise interrupt normal operations.

The pig detector can be interfaced with the control system or operate as a standalone device with a local light and reset button. Interfacing options comply with all common protocols.



Easy to install

Easy to use

Local or remote indication

Real-time measurement