Particle Monitoring for offshore wind project

Seawater is often used in cooling systems for offshore wind farms. One of the challenges, particularly during heavy weather, is that seawater pumped around the cooling system can contain large amounts of sand and other particles. This, in turn, can damage the cooling system and lead to inefficiencies and even overheating. As part of the Sunrise Wind Project, ClampOn Sand Monitoring systems will therefore be installed to monitor particles in the pipeline used to pump seawater around the cooling system.

Topside particle monitor and mounting skid

The ClampOn Particle Monitor uses ultrasonic technology and is non-intrusive, which makes for very easy installation. The monitors are installed immediately downstream of a 90-degree bend where particles transported in the flow will hit the pipe wall. The impact of the particles is picked up by the ClampOn Particle Monitor which returns a value whose magnitude depends on the velocity and quantity of particles. Seawater flows from the seawater lift pumps to the coarse filters, and the ClampOn Particle Monitor is installed on common piping upstream of the coarse filters.

The Sunrise Wind project is an offshore wind farm located offshore New York. It has the potential capacity to power nearly 600,000 homes. It is operated by Ørsted and Eversource, with the support from Con Edison and the New York Power Authority. The wind farm will be part of the plan to help New York accomplish a carbon-free energy grid by 2040.

Picture with courtesy Sunrise Wind / Ørsted