OTC2022 Spotlight on New Technology

The ClampOn Subsea Flow Temperature Monitor is a non-intrusive instrument that calculates and monitors the temperature of the flow medium from outside the pipe.

Being awarded this year’s OTC Spotlight on New Technology is a great achievement for ClampOn. We once again demonstrate that our focus on developing products our clients need is something at which we excel.

OTC states that “this prestigious award is presented to OTC exhibitors who are revolutionizing the future of offshore energy through technological advancement and innovation”. The criteria we have been selected in are:

  • novelty in the marketplace
  • level on innovation
  • demonstrated success
  • broad commercial appeal
  • ability to make a significant impact across the offshore industry

“The companies awarded today represent some of the most innovative and advanced technologies around, which we trust will shape and transform the industry for years to come” said Paul Jones, Chairperson, OTC Board of Directors.

The sensor

The ClampOn Subsea Flow Temperature Monitor can be used as a stand-alone temperature sensor. The non-intrusive, non-invasive instrument can be retrofitted to existing installations, for example as a replacement for broken intrusive sensors. It can also be integrated into ClampOn’s range of subsea sensors to provide temperature measurement alongside sand monitoring, pig detection, vibration monitoring or leak detection.

ClampOn Flow Temperature Monitor under insulation

Working principle

The Flow Temperature Monitor measures the skin temperature of the pipe, underneath insulation, then calculates the internal flow temperature using an algorithm. The algorithm utilizes the ambient sea water temperature which is often a constant, and the insulation factor based on the level of insulation and the temperature coefficient of the insulation. The output is the calculated flow temperature, which is proven to be accurate.

Look at this! ClampOn Subsea Flow Temperature Monitor

On projects where the pipeline is not insulated, a section of the pipe approximately 60 cm upstream and downstream of the sensor must be insulated to provide stable conditions around the sensors. The instrument communicates over RS485 Modbus, Canbus, SIIL2.

The ClampOn subsea flow temperature sensor utilizes our well-established DSP subsea hardware platform. This platform has been in operation for more than 20 years and is built into more than 4000 subsea sand monitors, pig detectors, leak monitors and vibration monitors, and is installed worldwide

For more information about the ClampOn Subsea Flow Temperature Monitor: https://www.clampon.com/products/subsea/flow-temperature-monitor/