ONS 2018 – a busy week is over

We would like to thank everyone who visited us during the ONS conference in Stavanger, and everyone we talked to – it was great to see you all.

Friends and family sometimes wonder what actually happens at an oil and gas conference. The answer is actually quite simple: doing business.

Tonje Dahl and Dag A. Aldal at ONS 2018

There is one thing ClampOn loves about doing business, and that is in fact the business itself. Having the privilege of working all over the world is absolutely one of the best things to experience. Meeting clients, discussing challenges and solutions, and negotiating contracts (and hopefully winning them) is a process that is challenging and at times frustrating, but it is always satisfying.

Business transcends cultures, politics, and religion, and we are successful by staying focused on the technology we offer and the challenges it can solve for our clients, and working on what was agreed irrespective of any differences we might have in other areas. We live in a world that can be unstable at times, but in business we have to look through that and simply remain focused to get the job done to everyone’s satisfaction.



So to all of you we met during the ONS week in Stavanger, we look forward to seeing you again; to talking to you again; and to continue doing business with you – all this is in fact a peacekeeping process!

The ClampOn team that were present in Stavanger last week; Olav Brakstad, Kjetil Nysæter, Dag A. Aldal and Tonje Dahl.

ClampOn ONS sales team

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