Non-intrusive sensors for Brownfield assets

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Non-intrusive sensors for Brownfield assets

Brownfields represent a large share of the energy industry. In order to secure pipeline integrity in existing fields, it is vital to monitor pipe condition. With our non-intrusive, retrofittable sensors, we can assist with securing Brownfield assets.

Subsea operations where ClampOn can assist:

  • Subsea trees
  • Subsea pumps
  • Subsea processing
  • Subsea manifolds
  • Subsea templates
  • ROV tie-in systems
  • Risers
  • Pipelines

ClampOn products that can be used:

  • Sand Monitor
  • PIG detector
  • Leak Monitor
  • Vibration Monitor
  • Corrosion-Erosion Monitor
  • Flow Temperature Monitor

The ClampOn funnel and clamp can be retrofitted to existing structures, and our non-intrusive acoustic instrumentation can then be installed by ROV. Installation of the funnel/clamp and instrument can often be done in one operation.

The vibration monitor can be used as a standalone inspection tool. It can be installed on pipes and structures exposed to vibration, and does not need to be in contact with the pipe. We have several solutions for clamping the instrument to the structure being monitored, including a magnetic clamp.

ClampOn ROV Installable Funnel

The ROV installable funnel can be adapted to any pipe size larger than 4″. This funnel is suitable for all ClampOn acoustic and magnetic instruments where the tip of the sensor must be in contact with the pipe surface.

The Vibration Monitor installed in one of our ROV installable clamps



ClampOn Vibration Monitor with removable ROV handle

Faced with the challenge of vibration on a 2″ pipe, we had to lower the weight impact of our instruments as much as possible to avoid adding resonance to the structure.

The design team at ClampOn developed a detachable handle that could be removed by ROV after installation

Vibration Monitor in clamp with detachable ROV handle.

Magnetic Vibration Monitor

Vibration Monitor with a magnetic mount (100kg downforce). This gives a stable platform for monitoring vibration and has a minimum impact with regards to weight on the pipe structure. It can easily be relocated.

With the simplicity of magnetic installation, the operator can easily mount the non-intrusive vibration monitors on a pipe structure to monitor phase relationships.



Corrosion-Erosion Monitor (CEM)

The non-intrusive ClampOn Corrosion-Erosion Monitor (CEM) monitors changes in wall thickness over a given area. Two sets of transducers are mounted on a pipe or bend. The transducers send and receive signals to and from each other, and in that way we are able to monitor a length of pipe up to 1 meter long.

Signal paths between multiple transducers on a subsea CEM


ClampOn Subsea CEM – Diver installable

Designed by ClampOn to be installed by a diver. Transducer rings with supports tailored to the pipe dimensions. Allows for simple installation by a diver. The canister has been made lighter and is designed to be installed on an I-beam.



ClampOn Subsea CEM – ROV installable

A Corrosion-Erosion Monitor designed to be retrofitted to a pipe by ROV.

Data collection

Data from ROV mounted instruments can be retrieved in many ways;

Via cable: Directly into the SCEM, piggyback on an existing cable or tethered directly to an ROV for spot measurement.

Wireless: Radio link

Onboard storage: For retreieval at a later date.

For further information on our non-intrusive sensors for securing your Brownfield assets you may check our webinar held in June 2021. To get access please register here.  

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