Managing Risk

CASE: On an older subsea field producing gas at high velocities, there has always been the risk of sand production. The operator uses real time sand monitoring as part of its Sand Management Program for this field. As the field moves into its late life phase well pressures drop, so subsea boosting is needed to maintain production levels. By using subsea pumps, production levels are maintained, however the flow velocity is significantly increased. Existing monitoring systems are no longer sufficient for managing the increased risk.

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The ClampOn Subsea CEM installed on an elbow on a subsea template. A Compact funnel is also installed, ready to receive a ClampOn combined Acoustic Sand and Vibration Monitor.

To maintain the required safety level, and in order to get the necessary permission from the authorities to increase flow rates beyond the original design specification, it is essential to monitor changes in the thickness of the pipe wall.
The operator decided to install the ClampOn Subsea CEM on all flow modules that are part of the subsea boosting project. With these installed and integrated into the control system, the operator can monitor in real time any changes in wall thickness and is warned immediately of any change. This solution manages the risk with a flow velocity higher than in the original design.
This is one of many cases where the ClampOn Subsea CEM helps operators maintain safety levels, even when production rates increase. Risk Management is vital to obtaining the authorities’ approval for late life production under increased rates and velocities.

ClampOn’s instruments help operators expand their monitoring capabilities for pipework, subsea modules and other subsea components, and allow them to optimise production, maintain safety levels, manage risk and improve margins. The Subsea CEM is designed for permanent installation and will detect any changes in wall thickness, with a high degree of sensitivity and resolution over a large area. Other instruments, such as sand monitors and vibration monitors, are also vital for maintaining production levels at optimum rates.

CEM graf

Graph from a Subsea CEM showing stable wall thickness and no erosion over the three month period. The colours represent the different paths monitored.