It’s showtime

Dear friends, customers, suppliers, industry colleagues and competitors. It’s finally time to meet again and we can hardly wait. Yes, it’s showtime! It is time for OTC 2022!

We want to show you that we are alive and kicking, so let’s get together once again for fruitful discussions, to look at what we’ve been doing since we last met in 2019, and to catch up on the latest news. And have we got news for you!

Our tireless development work has once again been rewarded with the OTC Spotlight on New Technology award for our latest subsea product, the ClampOn Subsea Flow Temperature Monitor.

We are also releasing our very latest instrument, which we call the ClampOn BIRD! It’s a battery-operated wireless ultrasound device meant for the downstream market. This is an enormous step forward technology-wise, and it represents a new direction for us as a manufacturer. The BIRD will help us to break into new industries and to play a bigger part in the green technology shift.

And as for myself? Well, my first OTC show was in 1987, and since 1996 I have represented ClampOn. I might even wear my orange suit (orange is the colour in our logo) if I have the guts.

So please join us! Let’s work, have fun, chat, and talk about the future.

Dag A. Aldal – President ClampOn