Subsea Vibration Monitoring – New Applications

These systems are primarily used for integrity monitoring, identifying the fatigue rate on subsea pipework. Some of our systems are deployed on a permanent basis and some temporarily for inspection purposes.

From FIV to rotating machinery
This year ClampOn is supplying permanent monitoring systems to monitor the integrity of subsea deep-water multiphase pumps. The sensors are of the same type used for FIV and FLIP monitoring, but measure at a much higher frequency and with a higher sample rate.

ClampOn’s monitoring system Integrates directly into the subsea production system ensuring real-time data from day one of production, and throughout the life of the field. This ensures the operator is warned instantly if vibration levels increase, indicating a potential future pump failure. In turn, this gives the operator time to take preventive action to avoid a production stop before any catastrophic failure occurs.


Flow induced vibration on spool piece