ClampOn Wins Hordaland International Award “The Wild Sheep”

At the yearly conference hosted by the Bergen Chamber of Commerce, ClampOn received the Hordaland International Award known as the Wild Sheep. The award is part of a business recognition program run by Hordaland County and Bergen Chamber of Commerce.ClampOn villsau 2013 2

The Wild Sheep is awarded to a business in Hordaland which through active, professional and targeted work has established itself internationally and/or helped promote business in Hordaland internationally. A wild sheep is strong, sustainable and frugal, so was chosen as the symbol for the award. The award is a wooden carving of a wild sheep carved by the well-known Norwegian woodcarver, Arne Mørkve.

“It gives us enormous pleasure to receive this award”, says Dag A. Aldal, president of ClampOn. “It feels good to be recognized in the local community for the work we do. We have almost 100 employees in Bergen, and 15 at our office in Houston. Our sales and service departments have close to 3000 travel days per year, visiting countries worldwide, meeting different challenges in each country. This award goes mainly to our employees. We could not have done what we do without our dedicated team.”

ClampOn is an instrumentation company based in Laksevåg, Bergen. For 19 years, the company has produced, sold and exported ultrasonic sensors. It has become the world’s biggest supplier of ultrasonic sensors to the petroleum industry, with approximately 2000 sensors produced and delivered each year.

The company’s environmentally-friendly premises have been rated as the third most energy-efficient office building in Norway. Nine geothermal wells provide heating for the 4600 m2 building and help reduce energy consumption by 85% compared with a standard building.

ClampOn villsau 2013 4