ClampOn technology to Ivar Aasen

Ivar Aasen is operated by the Norwegian oil company Det norske, who discovered the field in 2008. The field is located about 175 kilometres from Karmøy, west of the Johan Sverdrup field, at a water depth of approximately 112 metres. Production of oil from phase one is scheduled from the fourth quarter of 2016, and the field is estimated to contain around 210 million barrels of oil equivalents.

“ClampOn instruments have become important to the industry. A trend we are seeing is that we are more often asked to supply a combination of products from our range to one specific project. We see this as a confirmation of the quality of our products and it indicates how safe our customers are in choosing ClampOn. We are very pleased to be able to supply sensors to the Ivar Aasen project”, says Anja Bilsbak, Area Sales Manager.

Ivar Aasen - ClampOn

Illustration of the development of Ivar Aasen