ClampOn sensors used at unconventional operations

The ClampOn Particle Monitor is an acoustic sensor, measuring ultrasound at the installed location. A small level of ultrasound is generated by the flow media. Particles impacting the pipe wall, measured after a bend, cause a change in the amplitude and pattern of the ultrasound. The ultrasound can be monitored in its raw format, to determine the status of particles in the flow. The quantity of the particles can be calculated, with real time or historical data, by subtracting the ultrasound related to noise and calibrating the remaining signal, based on the velocity of the particles.

ClampOn Particle Monitoring is utilized during all phases of a well fracturing operation. ClampOn sensors have been used to monitor the proppant as it is pumped into the well. ClampOn sensors have also been used to monitor the proppant flow back, during the drill out of plugs in multiple-zone fracturing jobs. During the cleanup period, ClampOn sensors provide real time monitoring of the proppant flowback, which allows for the operation to be optimized. In addition, the mass (volume) of proppants produced to the surface during flowback (well offloading) operations are qualitatively and quantitively accounted for in real-time, and the total mass measured over the entire period can be evaluated in proportion to the total volume of proppant (Frac sand) used in the Well completion.

ClampOn sensor installed before the separator

Determining separator efficiency, can be easily achieved by installing ClampOn Particle Monitor on the inlet and outlet of the separator. What has been noticed is that a lot of the separators will lose efficiency as they fill up and the efficiency will also vary depending on the velocity. The ability to determine the separator efficiency, has allowed for the development of dumping schedule optimization and even the automation of the process, which saves the operator time and money.




Sand Separators at an unconventional field

When the well is moved to the production phase, ClampOn sensors provide a first stage alarm and real time monitoring of any proppant or particles in the flow. Understanding and making decisions based on the data provided, is key to a successful operation. ClampOn has a dedicated support team in Houston in collaboration with our colleagues in ClampOn office in Bergen, Norway to support our customers at every stage of the operation to meet their objectives and requirements.

Well cleanup chart showing a typical well cleanup trend with an early sand surge as production increases, followed by a declining trend as production continues.