ClampOn named “Globetrotter of the Year”

Gullkronen 2016 logoThe award is in recognition of outstanding achievements by companies in the Norwegian oil and gas business during 2015.

Since the beginning in 1994, ClampOn has focused on the international market. ClampOn’s first sale was to the United Kingdom. In 2015, international exports made up more than 90% of the company’s business, and the company works in over 30 countries.

“We are very proud to receive this award. We are true globetrotters with 3400 days on the road each year in order to be where our customers are, to hear about their challenges, and to provide first class solutions based on our instruments. Our staff is our most valuable asset. Without loyal and motivated people, it would be difficult to get to where we are. This is important to remember in the most difficult time ever in the oil and gas industry,” says ClampOn’s President, Dag A Aldal, who accepted the award in Oslo last night.

Quality, performance, and unchanged prices since 2000 have been part of ClampOn’s recipe for success, and helped ClampOn become the largest supplier of ultrasonic instruments to the oil and gas industry.

“Low oil prices are a challenge to us all, but remember that 15 years ago, oil prices were at the same level as today; And we still developed oil fields with prices around 30 USD/BBL. It seems like unnecessarily complex specifications and an ever increasing burden of documentation are more of a danger to us than the oil price itself. ClampOn has always strived to end that regime, something we consider a part of our success” says Aldal.

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Sjur Bratland, INTSOK; Dag Aldal, Tonje Dahl, ClampOn; Lars Eirik Nicolaisen, Rystad Energy