ClampOn in the Cloud

By utilizing cloud based data sharing, we can provide real-time sand management and support 24/7 directly to any client, anywhere in the world. This is achieved with one-way communication from a ClampOn Particle Monitor to a laptop, from which data can be streamed and stored in the Cloud. Only a very limited bandwidth is required and virtually any network will work, for example a 4G modem or mobile phone, a satellite, or a fixed network connection. Using the specially made ClampOn client gives access to sand production trends from the location you choose.

ClampOn Cloud Solution

See the brochure ClampOn in the Cloud Brochure

Torbjørn Haugsdal, Service Department Manager, says “When getting experts to the site is difficult, this solution will make it possible to operate the sand monitoring system with the high quality expected from ClampOn”.

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