ClampOn Diver Installable Corrosion-Erosion Monitor (CEM)

ClampOn has recently supplied a new diver installable version of the Subsea Corrosion-Erosion Monitor.

The first unit with the new design will be installed by diver at a subsea field in the North Sea, where it will be measuring and monitoring for erosion in a bend.

ClampOn Subsea CEM mounted in bend

The new Diver CEM has been designed with handles for easy handling by diver, with only one tool required for the entire installation.

There are no loose parts and the weight of the design has been significantly reduced for easy installation.

The unit is rated to maximum 200m depth (22Barg).

Electronic canister with diver handles

The ClampOn Subsea Corrosion-Erosion Monitor (CEM) is designed to measure wall thickness loss in pipes over a defined area. It uses active ultrasound to detect the changes in wall thickness relative to reference values obtained during the installation of the system. Transducers mounted in two sets of rings transmit and receive signals to and from each other to form a grid of signal paths over the installation area. If there is a change in wall thickness, the active ultrasound signal will change and the erosion or corrosion damage is monitored and reported.

Transducers mounted in bend