ClampOn 2020

We have entered a new decade and ClampOn is now in its 26th year. Our promise to our customers is to continue to deliver products that will help operators safely optimise their production. As always, we manufacture to the highest standards, and our topside and subsea products are designed for a 25 year lifetime.

Sticking to our values and keeping true to our philosophy laid down decades ago has encouraged us to always strive for the best. With the changing climate and focus in the world, we continue to be a sustainable company.

ClampOn’s headquarters is an old industrial building that was completely redesigned and refurbished before we moved in in 2011.

Nine geothermical wells were drilled to extract heat from the ground, and the entire building has energy saving measures, creating a truly “green” building. There are charging points for electric vehicles, and almost half of the employees drive electric cars to work.

Being sustainable has always been important to ClampOn, and this is not something we just say out loud. Our products help the energy industry to produce safely and effectively. They help operators maintain the environment by providing them with means to accurately monitor activity in pipes, structures, and valves on subsea and topside structures. This provides security for both man and nature, and prolongs the life of existing wells without risking leakages.

We promise to give our best in 2020 – we will keep safety as one of our drivers, and continue to be “Always Numero Uno”.