Chose ClampOn for Bachelor Thesis

The thesis, titled “How did ClampOn become a worldwide technology supplier in the highly competitive oil industry?”, concluded their Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Administration.


Students at BI Norwegian Business School, Mats Vist, Oda Vangsnes Torgersen, and Fredrik Mossestad

What is the topic of the thesis?

Our thesis is for the Business development for small and medium sized businesses course. The focus is on how businesses go from start-ups to either success or failure. We chose to write about how ClampOn has become one of the world’s leading suppliers of ultrasonic technology to the oil and gas industry.

Why did you choose to write about ClampOn?

We chose ClampOn to get a closer look at a business in the oil and gas industry, especially in a period where the industry in general is struggling. ClampOn is also a good choice based on the curriculum of our course.

How did the collaboration with ClampOn go? Did you get the necessary assistance?

Our collaboration with ClampOn has been very good. We got the help we needed when we needed it, and it has not been difficult to get responses to any questions we had. Emails were answered along the way, and we had meetings where we got answers to exactly what we wanted to know. We also sent our completed thesis to ClampOn for approval.

What did you know about the oil and gas industry beforehand?

We did not know a great deal about the oil and gas industry before we started, apart from what we learnt through the media, and a little basic knowledge. We study economics and administration, and it has been exciting to learn more about this industry.

Anything else?

We would like to thank ClampOn, in particular Tonje Dahl, Eirik Walle, and Dag Aldal, for all the help we have received throughout this process, and for letting us write our thesis about ClampOn.