Always Numero Uno

Since its very beginning, ClampOn has aimed to develop and produce the very best instruments of the highest possible quality. To do this we developed a technological platform with intelligent processing, in which the software determines the job the sensor performs.

This strategy has enabled us to continually improve performance, quality and delivery precision. It also allows us to produce large series of instruments and develop first-class logistics, which in turn means profitability – thus completing the chain!

Today, ClampOn employs around 100 people in Bergen, Norway, and in Houston, Texas. 90% of our production is exported and our engineers work closely with the end-users; the oil operators. In order to succeed, we need to have the best people, products and attitude, and every day we must strive to become a little better, for the benefit of our customers and ourselves. Our quality standards today are even higher than when we started 26 years ago.

During these times, as almost the entire world is in some sort of lockdown, ClampOn has striven to remain fully operational, and to continue producing and delivering our products in accordance with all ongoing projects and contracts.




Our sub-suppliers are also doing the same, and we have not yet experienced any challenges with supplies or deliveries. Our service engineers, who previously travelled the world performing support and service operations, are now supporting our clients using remote access technology.

ClampOn promises to continue developing the very best products, and to be daring, creative and sincere in all our efforts in the future. We continue to focus on R&D and seek the solutions of tomorrow in order to serve our customers. We want to be your very best supplier.

In challenging times, we still need to focus on moving forward, and remain focused for when the world slowly gets back to normal. Until then, continue to stay safe and healthy and take care of each other – we are in this together!

Always Numero Uno!