Alive and Kicking!

During the first six months of 2018, we received orders for over 200 subsea sand monitors, pig detectors and corrosion-erosion monitors.

ClampOn’s technology is a favourite among oil and energy companies. Operators demand the high performance and high quality our equipment provides so they may safely maximise production rates, and engineering companies are looking for quality, performance, and value for money, which is exactly what we deliver.

Joaquin A.C. Pernigotti, Area Sales Manager and Steinar Vågane, Project Engineer with subsea sensors ready for FAT.

Sand monitoring is vital to operators as mistakes here can pose a safety risk and lead to a significant loss of production. This is also one of the reasons why ClampOn’s technology has replaced almost 700 of our competitors’ sensors out in the field in recent years.

We are pleased to see the upturn in the market and the order books filling up once again. Like many other companies, ClampOn has undertaken significant restructuring and has emerged from the challenges of recent years stronger than ever. We are maintaining a steady course and continue to invest in product development in our unrelenting drive to increase the quality and performance of our products. We have also used the recent quieter period to improve procedures and work processes so that we are better equipped than ever to face the increasing demands of the market. This will please our customers, and frustrate our competitors.

Anne Britt Skar Tysseland, Head of Project Department and Robert Harrison, Project Engineer discussing a project.

ClampOn is now in its 24th year, and remains fully independent and privately owned. Our customers benefit from our short decision-making processes and good internal communication.

Ultrasonic sensors are what we do, and we take our place in the market very seriously. ClampOn remains, and will strive to be, Always Numero Uno!