Acoustic Sand Detectors in production for several subsea fields

ClampOn currently has close to 100 subsea sensors in production for deliveries to new and existing subsea projects world wide. Australia, Angola and UK are just a few of the countries we have received orders from lately.

The subsea particle monitors are compact non-intrusive instruments using passive acoustic technology.

They have the following advantages:

  • Non-intrusive
  • Real time measurement
  • High sensitivity
  • Noise cancelling
  • ROV deployable/retrievable
  • Onboard sand calculation
  • Can be supplied as combined sand & vibration monitoring

ClampOn DSP Compact Particle Monitor with Flex funnel

The sensors are used for:

  • Finding maximum sand free production rate
  • Establishing maximum acceptable sand rate
  • Sand event alarm
  • Onboard sand calculation
  • Well optimization
  • Well testing
  • Sand Management

Sand production in oil and gas wells is a serious issue for oil and gas producers. The challenge is not merely to avoid sand production, but also to increase commercial well productivity, as even small quantities of particles in the well flow can cause significant damage.

As an operator, you are interested in maximum production and profit from your wells, no matter what technology you use. Operators all over the world have made ClampOn their preferred supplier of sand monitoring systems, due to the patented technology that turns their wells into profit generators.
The ClampOn DSP Subsea Particle Monitor incorporates a filtering technique that makes the sand monitor an extremely useful tool for analyzing the true nature of sand production, helping to control it and finally, increasing the profit from the well! This filtering technique is the result of integrating our experience of thousands of wells, analyzing data, and using the results to enhance the technology used in our ClampOn DSP Subsea Particle Monitor.

The enormous capacity of the DSP sensor makes it possible to scan through a frequency range of 1 MHz 128 times per second. This illustrates the capacity of our technology and of the filtering technique that is at the core of acquiring and processing sand data.

Håvard Pihlstrøm with subsea sensors ready for shipment to China.

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