Vibration Monitor

Vibrations always start at very high frequencies and change to lower frequencies as the condition develops. The ClampOn DSP Vibration Monitor is an ideal instrument to monitor vibrations in 3D on structures and pipelines. The system is designed with a broadband frequency response from 0,125 Hz to 262 kHz, suitable for early detection of vibrations in objects such as:

• Flow lines, jumpers
• Pumps, rotary machinery
• Slugs etc.

How it works

The vibrations are monitored by utilizing two different measurement principles in combination.

  • Early warning, shear waves propagating from metal friction are picked up by an ultrasonic element. These measurements will give an indication of potential fault conditions as all those starts high up in frequency.
  • 3D Vibrations from 0.125Hz to 1000Hz will be quantified by an accelerometer.

To optimize both metering schemes, the Vibration Monitor 3D needs good mechanical and acoustic coupling to the structure it’s monitoring. The ClampOn DSP Vibration Monitor 3D can also function as a regular sand detector, in parallel with the vibration monitoring, and in real time.


The system is set up to present measurements as an FFT where the amplitude represents acceleration. Each frequency bin will contain the maximum and average from all axis – X, Y and Z. Measurements done by the ultrasonic element will only have max and average values. All outputs have been calibrated in order to provide the correct frequency and acceleration response

Additional information

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