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Team ClampOn

A team of 16 employees demonstrated the ClampOn spirit and competed in the annual Stoltzekleiven Opp competition in Bergen this…


Successful CEM Installation from Pipe Laying Vessel

For the first time, ClampOn’s Corrosion-Erosion Monitor (CEM) has been installed topside aboard a pipe-laying vessel, and submerged as a…


Light in the tunnel

The oil and Gas industry seems to be flooded by bad news and negative input – can we do something…


Monitoring Worth Millions

When sand production puts restrictions on wells, precise sand monitoring is key.


ClampOn passes SIIS Level 3 tests

ClampOn participated at the Subsea Instrument Interface Standarization JIP’s “plugfest” in Cambridge this April with our Corrosion-Erosion Monitor.The instrument passed…


Continued success on Dalia

ClampOn has been awarded a contract to supply more of its Ultrasonic Intelligent Sensors to Dalia, the Total operated oilfield.


Reducing pipe integrity risks

ClampOn’s Subsea Wall Thickness Monitor (WTM) has been developed specifically to give more information about the physical condition of pipes…


Apprentices at ClampOn

This is a story in four parts, highlighting the TAF (Technical General Studies) program that ClampOn has been part of…


ClampOn at Laggan-Tormore

As Total starts up production from the Laggan and Tormore fields in the West of Shetland area, ClampOn service engineers…

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