WEBINAR – PIG Detection

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Event Description

Why is Markus so happy?
Because he will tell you about the perfect PIG Detector!

  • A webinar on development during the pandemic
  • Why PIG detection is important
  • Economic benefits with PIG Detection
  • Technological advantages

Sign up to see what we have done during the two years of pandemic, to learn what it takes to get a product certified and to find out why ClampOn should be your preferred choice when it comes to pig detection.

We welcome you to attend our webinar

The ClampOn DSP PIG Detector just got better.

 Tuesday 15 March

10am to 10.30 am CET

Presenter: Markus Vindenes, Area Sales Manager

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The webinar is free to attend.

The ClampOn DSP PIG Detector just got better.
Learn about how our smart, compact instrument will cover all your PIG detection and signaller requirements.

We will talk about how it works, the new design, and the benefits of using an intelligent non-intrusive all-in-one PIG detector.

Detailed Agenda

  • Pigging and pig detection
  • Working principle
  • New and improved design
  • Dual-detection advantages
  • Value/benefit for client


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