Webinar – Particle Monitoring

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Date: Wednesday 15 July 2020

Time: 12.00 – 12.45 PM CST / Houston time

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We are pleased to invite you to our webinar

ClampOn Particle Monitoring

– Understanding and Utilizing the Data

Wednesday July 15 at 12.00 – 12.45 PM CST / Houston

Having sand in your production causing issues for asset integrity? Need to know how much sand you are capturing in your separator? Need information on sand production to optimize well performance and productivity? Want to know how your wells are producing solids over short or long term?

ClampOn is the world leader in passive intelligent ultrasonic instrumentation to the global oil & gas industry. With 25+ years of experience with particle monitors and analyzing and understanding sand data, we have all the experience necessary in order to help you understand and utilize the data output from our sensors.

We have two support centers. One out of Bergen, Norway, for Eastern Hemisphere, and one out of Houston, US, for Western Hemisphere. Both are manned with highly qualified engineers with years of experience in understanding sand production. We can be available 24/7 upon demand.

By joining this webinar, you will learn how to understand and utilize the information you can get from the ClampOn Particle Monitor.


Presenters: Hilary Ndudi, Support Supervisor, ClampOn, Inc. and Marie Eikefet, Business Development Service & Support, ClampOn, Inc.

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For any questions, please contact Support Supervisor Hilary Ndudi, hilary.ndudi@clampon.com.

Detailed Agenda


Understanding Data

  • Concept of the Acoustic Data
  • Sand Monitoring Facts
    • Fluid Properties
    • Well / Facility Operation

Utilizing Data

  • Sand Management
    • Accuracy
    • Confidence
  • Field Examples