Webinar: Non-Intrusive Leak Detection

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Date: 7 October 2020

Time: 12.00 – 12.45 PM CST (Houston)


Event Description

ClampOn Non-Intrusive Leak Monitoring 

 –  Technology and Field Cases.

Leak detection is a an important part of the HSE procedures in any facility operating flammable, explosive and toxic fluids and gases. As technology has progressed and improved over the years, accidents have become avoidable by early detection of potentially dangerous leaks.

The ClampOn DSP Leak Monitor is specifically designed to detect local leaks from critical assets in onshore, offshore and subsea installations. Being non-intrusive you can monitor or inspect and detect leaks over the seat of a critical valve without disassemble it.

The ClampOn DSP Leak Monitor, based on ClampOn’s patented Ultrasonic Intelligent Sensor technology platform, is a compact and user-friendly unit. It’s fast and simple installation principle is unparalleled by any other leak detector available.

The ClampOn DSP Leak Monitor is non-intrusive and uses passive acoustics to provide reliable detection of any type of leak in valve. The only requirements are that the sensor is mounted on the valve and that there is a differential pressure between upstream and downstream of the valve seat.

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Presenter from ClampOn, Inc., will be President Trond Olsen and Field Service Technician Daniel Cantu.

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Detailed Agenda

  • Why Non-Intrusive Leak Detection?
  • Working Principal
  • Explore Field Cases
  • Types of ClampOn DSP Leak Monitors Available
  • Q&A



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